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Remodeling Your Manufactured Home: What to Know

Remodeling Your Manufactured Home: What to Know

January 31, 2022

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Today’s manufactured home manufacturers offer customizations so your new home can be built just how you want it, including features, paint colors, and other design options. But, if you own an older manufactured home, it may be time for some updates and upgrades. Read on to learn more about how to remodel your manufactured home, so it serves you well. 

Why Remodel Your Manufactured Home

Remodeling your manufactured home does more than just raise its value. It also improves how much you and your family enjoy your home and quality of life while spending time there. 

Some of the common reasons people want to remodel their home include the following. 

  • Change the floor plan layout
  • Use energy-efficient features
  • Reimagine how a room is used
  • Add more usable outdoor space
  • Build a sunroom or desk

Other cost-effective changes that have a significant impact on your home’s aesthetics and value include replacing carpets and flooring, paint, lighting, counters, and cabinets. 

Consider the Cost 

Before you get started remodeling your manufactured home, it’s a good idea to establish a budget. This helps you determine how important each item on your remodeling list is to you, so you know what to scrap if your budget begins to run out. Your home’s size will affect your costs, as will your remodeled design and chosen materials. 

You should get estimates from a few contractors so you can go with the most cost-effective option. And keep in mind that remodeling costs should be low enough that if you sell your home, you still have enough equity to come out ahead. 

Remodeling Ideas

Install a New Door and Windows 

Your front door is one of the first things your guests see when they come to your home. An outdated door in bad condition won’t feel very welcoming to your friends and family, so replacing it with a modern, functional door will help bring aesthetic appeal to your home’s exterior. 

Similarly, putting new energy-efficient windows in at your manufactured home can not only make it look better but save you money on your monthly utility bill. 

Replace the Roof or Siding

A new roof isn’t just to make your house look better. It also protects it from damage and water leaks. If your manufactured home has asphalt shingles, your roof needs to be replaced every 20-30 years. Meanwhile, your manufactured home’s siding will generally only last 10-20 years, so if yours is outside of that timeframe, it needs to be replaced. Depending on what material you use — vinyl, wood, or stone veneer siding- a new roof and siding — will give you a positive return on your investment. 

Upgrade the Kitchen

Since families spend so much time in the kitchen, it makes sense that it’s often the first choice when deciding what to remodel. And, unless you’re changing the room’s layout, a kitchen remodel can be an affordable but valuable investment. Some common ways to love your kitchen again include new countertops, flooring, or cabinetry, along with new appliances. 

Update the Bathroom

Like the kitchen, a bathroom remodel can be costly if you change the layout, which usually requires moving and modifying plumbing pipes. For most homeowners, bathroom remodels include removing bathtubs in exchange for standing showers, updating the vanities to add storage, or putting in a new countertop. 

Build a Deck 

Adding a deck or porch to your manufactured house’s exterior increases your home equity, enhances its design appeal, makes it look larger than it is, creates additional storage space, and lets you and your family enjoy being outdoors together year-round. You can implement outdoor furniture, decor, or lighting to help you love your deck even more. 

Prestige Helps You Get the Home You Want

If you live in an older manufactured home, you’re likely ready to make some changes so you can love it as much as you did when you first bought it. These are just a few remodeling ideas to get you started updating your home and making it match your style preferences and functional needs. For a brand new Nobility manufactured home designed and built to your specifications, contact your knowledgeable Prestige Home Centers team today.

Notice: Across the country, the construction industry, and particularly the home building industry, is experiencing unprecedented supply and demand issues. Labor and materials are in short supply and being priced higher and higher. This is causing reduced production, unanticipated building delays, and unpredictable pricing of materials and homes. With the elevated material costs and delayed turnaround time on building homes, home prices are likely to change now to home completion. Our team is doing everything we can to inform our customers of this pricing and get them into their homes swiftly. We appreciate your continued patience.