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The Prestige Difference

We have a long-standing history of committing ourselves to excellence in everything we do. Our mission is to market, finance, and insure Nobility manufactured homes to families across the Southeast so they can achieve the dream of owning their own home. 

About Us

What is Prestige Homes?

Prestige Homes was founded in 1990 to be the connection between prospective homeowners and Nobility Homes. Over the last 30+ years, we have opened 10 home centers across Florida to provide the opportunity to see our homes in person. We currently have home centers in North Ocala, South Ocala, Chiefland, Auburndale, Inverness, Hudson, Tavares, Yulee, Panama City, and Punta Gorda.

All of our models are furnished to give you a true feeling of living in one of our quality homes. The expert staff at each of our locations provide passionate education about the benefits of owning a manufactured home and help each person find the Nobility home that is perfect for their family and situation.

Beautiful modern kitchen in a manufactured home

Our Difference

With over 53 years of experience building homes in Florida, we are intimately familiar with the local building codes and requirements to create homes that stand up to all kinds of weather conditions. Homes from Prestige are built to strict standards and, because they are assembled in a controlled environment, we are able to ensure that all the pieces fit together perfectly.

Prestige Home Centers is owned by Nobility Homes, who manufactures the homes we feature, so we are able to pass on factory direct savings to you, the buyer. Our homes are built to order so when it comes to upgrades, we are able to review all your options at our home centers. We offer financing and insurance options to truly give you an all-in-one experience for purchasing a manufactured home.

Our Process

At Prestige Homes, we don’t just make a sale, but we walk you through the entire process of owning your own home. From selecting your future house to the finishing touches on your new home, our housing consultants will oversee all the details from start to finish.


Understanding Your Needs

First, we meet with you to discuss your requirements, style, and budget. We tour our models at our home centers or online to establish your likes and dislikes, as well as reviewing luxury upgrade options.


Final Selection

Once a home has been selected, we review your projected timeline and establish the total cost of your new home. We will perform a credit check to help assess your current financing opportunities. 


Financing Your Home

We offer in-house financial services to make obtaining the cash resources more convenient and provide insurance opportunities. Before we are able to move forward on your project, we will need to confirm your loan is approved.


Site Evaluation

Before construction begins on your new home, we will assess the needs of your property (septic, well, electrical, etc.) and negotiate any necessary contractor bids. 



Once we have all the information on your new home and property we are ready for closing day! We will finalize the needed paperwork and funding to begin work on your new home. 


Constructing Your Home

Nobility Homes begins construction on your home. We work within local, state, and federal regulations to make sure everything is up to code and obtain any permits needed.


Delivery and Installation

Once your home is assembled, we deliver it to your site and complete the installation process including leveling, electrical connections, water, sewer, and more.


County/City Inspection

Prestige will coordinate the local government inspection and obtain a certificate of occupancy for your new home. After the CO is issued, the county/city will contact the electrical company to turn on the power. 


Move-In Day

Once our punch list has been completed, you are ready to move into your new home!

Building Your Home

How We Manufacture

Modern manufactured homes have evolved from the mobile homes of the 70s and 80s to meet 21st century standards. We use a staged construction process and build each part of the home using jigs to ensure that every piece will have a perfect fit when assembled. Our homes are built with wooden studs, drywall, and screws so they will last a lifetime and will withstand the travel from our factory in Ocala, FL to your property. We offer a field-finish option to paint and trim your home after installation on your property to make sure everything is perfect when you move in.

Triple wide manufactured home from nobility

Our History

Nobility Homes

Nobility Homes has provided housing for over 50,000 families since 1967. Further, our employees are like family, with many having worked with us for 30, 40, or even 50 years! Nobility Homes can be found exclusively at our 10 Homes Centers throughout Florida. Homebuyers have peace of mind knowing that thousands of other homeowners have chosen the factory direct option and purchased their home from Nobility Homes. Since most of our homes are shipped from our factory directly to the customer, expensive freight and inventory costs can be avoided, providing additional savings opportunities to the customer.

We were referred originally from a friend who owned a Nobility brand mobile home. They were AMAZING! We toured the factory and we were impressed with the construction of the homes and how many different sizes floor plans and options they had available

Allen H. (Google Review)

Notice: Across the country, the construction industry, and particularly the home building industry, is experiencing unprecedented supply and demand issues. Labor and materials are in short supply and being priced higher and higher. This is causing reduced production, unanticipated building delays, and unpredictable pricing of materials and homes. With the elevated material costs and delayed turnaround time on building homes, home prices are likely to change now to home completion. Our team is doing everything we can to inform our customers of this pricing and get them into their homes swiftly. We appreciate your continued patience.