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Farmhouse Modular Homes: Modern Living with a Country Twist

Farmhouse Modular Homes: Modern Living with a Country Twist

April 9, 2024

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A nostalgic yet chic home is a popular trend for modern home designs. One style that embodies this idea of vintage yet modern is the farmhouse style. Modular and manufactured homes are great choices for decorating the perfect farm-style home. Read our guide on how to turn our models into your dream farmhouse home. 

What Is Farmhouse Style?

Farmhouse style is a modern house design style that seeks to emulate the look and feel of country living—regardless of the home’s location. An article published in Architectural Digest described farmhouse style as a “more rustic country style, often making use of vintage furniture or familiar patterns like plaid.” This style also likes to take advantage of natural materials such as wood and stone, especially for flooring, walls, and even beams on the roof or the siding of a fireplace. The design often models the wooden beams after traditional barnyards. Bright, natural lighting, barnyard doors, standalone tubs, porches, and farmhouse sinks are all staples of the farmhouse style.

What Is Farmhouse vs Cottage Decor?

Cottage decor—not to be confused with cottagecore decor—is a twist on the classic farmhouse style. If farmhouse decor is blocky, simple, and practical looking, cottage decor is rounded, softer, and more romanticized. Both feature natural materials, such as wood and stone, and have a rustic, worn feel. Cottage decor is more dainty than farmhouse decor. The farmhouse style wants you to feel like you live and work back out in the countryside, but the cottage style romanticizes the idea of living in the countryside. Ultimately, the two come down to a style preference—farmhouse if you like a bold, strong look and cottage if you prefer a softer, welcoming look. 

How Can I Make My Manufactured Home Look Like a Farmhouse?

There are several steps you can take to make your manufactured home into your dream farmhouse: 

  • First, choose a modern farmhouse home plan. At Prestige, we offer several models and home plans that are fashioned after the farmhouse aesthetic. These models include: Angela, Miley, Miranda, Eli, Dani, Ryan, Ken and Barbie, Adrian, and Madison.
  • Let us know what customizations you want after you choose your model. One of the benefits of choosing Prestige is that all our models are fully customizable! From luxury upgrades to stylistic choices, our team will work with you to achieve that iconic farmhouse look. We’ll go over later in this article some farmhouse features we offer. 
  • Lastly, hit the shops! No farmhouse is complete without decor to match the interior. Since farmhouse is a very popular style, most home decor places will have entire sections and aisles dedicated to farmhouse decor. Pinterest is a great resource for finding inspiration photos or following modern trends. Feel free to make the farmhouse style your own with the decor you choose—get creative! 

What Are Good Design Colors for a Farmhouse-Style Manufactured Home?

Color is often the bow on top that ties a design all together. Color makes the decor and home interior feel cohesive. For farmhouse-style manufactured homes, you’ll want to consider neutral, earthy tones. Browns, blues, and greens are classic colors for farmhouse homes. If you want to make a bold, rustic statement, consider adding in reds, oranges, and even some yellows. If you’re looking to be a more modern chic farmhouse, the use of white and grays with color accents will give your home a clean feel that’s contrasted by your rustic, vintage decor. 

Farmhouse Features Offered by Prestige

We offer several key farmhouse features to homebuyers that they can add to any model. Even if you’re not ready to commit to a complete farmhouse manufactured home, you can add these iconic farmhouse features to your new home! 

Farm Sink

A farm sink is a deep, rectangular sink that has a slightly exposed front. These modern sinks are fashioned after sinks that were used in farmhouses back in the day when running water wasn’t available. The deepness of the sink allowed farmers to fill it with water from a well or lake and get their chores done. Today, while we do have running water, these sinks make washing dishes a breeze and add that vintage feel to your kitchen or bathroom!

Gooseneck Faucet

Farmhouse style is all about practicality, and the gooseneck faucet is the epitome of this concept. It gets its name from the rounded curve the faucet makes, almost like that of a goose. These faucets are designed to make washing dishes—especially large pots—simple and easy. The gooseneck faucet usually is high above the sink so you can get dishes or your hands under the running water without significant maneuvering. These faucets add a practical, aesthetic touch to both bathrooms and kitchens. 

Barn Doors

Perhaps the most iconic feature of farmhouses is the barn doors. These doors slide open like traditional barnyard doors, but they come in several different styles. You can get wooden doors that resemble a classic barn door, but some may have panels or windows to give it a more modern, chic look. Barn doors are a great addition to the entryways of your living room, kitchen, or even master bedroom. 

Live Your Farmhouse Dreams with Prestige’s Customizable Models 

Whether you’re dreaming of a nostalgic farmhouse aesthetic or a modern farmhouse paradise, Prestige Home Centers is here to help your vision come to life! Our hundreds of floor plans and full customization options allow you to pick and choose so you can live in the perfect farmhouse home for your tastes. Visit one of our model centers today to see which modern farmhouse home plan works best for you!

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