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Shipping and Delivering Your New Manufactured Home

Shipping and Delivering Your New Manufactured Home

January 20, 2021

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Imagine you have chosen all the features and upgrades you need to pick out the ideal manufactured home model for you and your family. You have secured financing, a home lot picked out, and you’re ready to get going on the path to your dream home. You may understand the manufacturing process, but have you ever wondered how that home will make its way out of the building facility to you and your lot? Shipping, delivering, and installing manufactured homes can be a complex, costly endeavor, depending on several factors. When you choose Prestige Home Centers, we take the worry off your shoulders so you can spend your time excited for your new home’s arrival and all the memories you will make in it with your loved ones. 

The Prestige Difference

Shipping a manufactured home is a complicated and expensive process in part because it requires custom route planning to avoid hazardous road factors such as low clearance heights or steep hills, not to mention the weight of the load itself. When you purchase a Nobility Home from Prestige, you can forgo these expensive freight and inventory costs as your home is shipped directly from the manufacturer to you. 

Before you receive your new manufactured home, it is necessary to ensure that your site is zoned for residential dwelling and that it would not cause you to violate any laws. Part of this task is scheduling a site inspection to obtain a land survey. 

Site Preparation 

When you choose Prestige, we deliver your new home to the land it will sit on, and we perform comprehensive installation, including leveling and electrical, water, and sewer connections. Proper leveling minimizes the height of the blocks used for support, allowing your home to be lower to the ground and require less skirting.  

Site preparation crews will also ensure that your home has ideal drainage considerations and encourages runoff water to move away from the house rather than toward it. A foundation will then be poured, typically a pier and beam system that includes cement-filled footers placed in the ground as structural support. This is covered with a vapor barrier and steel frame. By definition, a good foundation for your manufactured home before delivery is critical to the long-term health and safety of your home.


Once your home is fully built, and you have performed a walkthrough with your Prestige Home Centers representative to ensure it is in perfect condition for delivery, your home is transported to your home site. The home crew will verify that all necessary parts have arrived, and then installation begins. 


To install your new home, installation crews will either use cranes or a jack and rolling system to place the home on its foundation. The crew will verify that your home’s weight is evenly distributed and then will secure it using tie-downs that serve as anchors against any extreme wind or weather conditions. With Prestige homes in Florida, these tie-downs are critical to ensure hurricane safety. Finally, the installed home will be checked against a HUD list to ensure proper installation per HUD laws.  

Final Details 

Prestige Home Centers proudly offers a field-finish paint option for your home after installation to ensure your home looks perfect for you on move-in day. After the customer completes their walkthrough with their Prestige Home Centers representative, we coordinate on your behalf with the local government agencies to schedule an inspection and obtain the Certificate of Occupancy for you. 

Prestige Brings Your Dream Home 

When you partner with Prestige Home Centers to build your family’s home, you can rest assured that we are a one-stop-shop and do it all – from design, manufacturing, delivery, and installation. Our commitment to your satisfaction begins the moment we sign a contract with you and start designing your dream home together and does not end until we hand you your keys. Reach out to us today to learn more about the Prestige Home Centers difference and how our unique process makes it easier for you and your family to live in the home you have always imagined. 

Notice: Across the country, the construction industry, and particularly the home building industry, is experiencing unprecedented supply and demand issues. Labor and materials are in short supply and being priced higher and higher. This is causing reduced production, unanticipated building delays, and unpredictable pricing of materials and homes. With the elevated material costs and delayed turnaround time on building homes, home prices are likely to change now to home completion. Our team is doing everything we can to inform our customers of this pricing and get them into their homes swiftly. We appreciate your continued patience.